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The Kubrick Corner

PART 1: More than meets the eye
Introduction to themes
The Kuleshov effect
Kubrick as cold rationalist
PART 2: Opening Shots
The Kubrick Aesthetic & Spectatorship Theory
Concept Art and Storyboards
Kubrick's bathrooms
Dinner with Stanley
PART 3: The Killing
Simultaneity and Overlap
The Unknown Kubrick
The Early Films
PART 4: Paths of Glory
Creation and Destruction
PART 5: Spartacus
I Viddied Spartacus
PART 6: Lolita
Michael Ciment on Lolita
1962 Kubrick interview
PART 7: Dr Strangelove
War and Sex
PART 8: 2001: A Space Odyssey
A Cold Descent
SF Capital
Three Metamorphoses
PART 9: A Clockwork Orange
Alex as artist
Crime and Punishment
The Decor Of Tomorrow's Hell
Spectacle and Violence
PART 10: Barry Lyndon Reconsidered
The Vanity of Existence
Narrative and Discourse
Kubrick's Narrator and "The higher aesthetic"
PART 11: Imperfect Symmetries
Animal friends
Historicism and Hauntology
4 Articles
The Uncanny
PART 12: Deconstructing Masculinity
The Jungian Thing
Kubrick's Ulterior War
AMK Essays
Who am I?
Anybody's Son Will Do
PART 13: Eyes Wide Shut
3 Articles
Contemporary Sexuality and its Discontents
Squalid Infidelities
Crazy cults and Grotesque Caricatures
Was Eyes Wide Shut completed?
PART 14: A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Kubrick's A.I. by Ian Watson
New AI Page
PART 15: Kubrick's Psychopaths
Kubrick's office and grave
A Collection of Letters
The Quote Page
Scorsese on Kubrick
Kubrick Interviews
Useful weblinks, books and Guestbook



This website deals with exploring the works of Stanley Kubrick, one of the most widely praised yet continuously misunderstood film directors of the 20th century.


If you wish to submit an article, please email me at All submissions are welcomed. Thank you to everyone who has contributed.



Movie Geeks United!, the most popular movie-themed podcast on the internet, is hosting “The Kubrick Series”, an in-depth 8-part podcast series premiering Sunday, December 5th, and available for replay and download immediately following each live airing.


Movie Geeks United! have done numerous excellent podcasts in the past, but never with such an impressive line up of guests. Authors Vincent LoBrutto, Ed Sikov, Randy Rasmussen and Mario Falsetto will be attending, as will producer/director James B. Harris, Altman and Kubrick favourite Mathew Modine, director Peter Hyams, actor Shane Rimmer and Moonwatcher himself, Dan Richter.


BUT that’s not all.  The Movie Geeks have also lined up Richard Anderson, Erich Feursten, Allen Daviau, Curtis Tsui, Stuart Y. McDougal, Andy Anderson, Garret Brown AND Brian Cook! Critic Keith Uhlich is also stopping by, as well as Lord Bullington himself (Leon Vitali), specifically for your satisfaction.


So bookmark your diaries and tune in live. If you can't make it, all shows will be available for download at the Movie Geeks United! website, which can be accessed by clicking on any banner on this page.


A personal thanks to the Movie Geeks United! crew (Jamey Duvall, Jerry Dennis, Chris Whetton, Aaron Aradillas and company) for setting up "The Kubrick Series".





July 1st: (update) This is a link to the unproduced CLOCKWORK ORANGE screenplay by Anthony Burgess, which is being sold on behalf of that film's executive producer, Si Litvinoff. This may be the first time that this script has been made publicly available (or ONE of the very first times). Here is a link to the auction:




December 13th:


November 26th: It is my intention to do several major updates on this site over the next few months. I'm very busy with several architecture projects, so expect this updating process to procede very slowly. The first new updates should be about the "palindrome" structure of "The Shining" (ie, the recent "theories" that the film can be watched backwards)


Until the updates roll out, here are a couple videos that fans may find interesting:


The presence of "Carson City" and "Summer of 42" in "The Shining" will be discussed at a later date.


November 2nd: Two brief videos


September 29th: Overlooking the Overlook


September 28th: Two links.


Spartacus "Love Theme", jazz style:

Ears Open, Eyeballs Click (life in modern boot camp):


August 29th: interview with Katharina Kubrick:


August 19th: New Guardian articles:


August 4th: "Columbia University photostory by

Stanley Kubrick":

Jully 22nd: "The Fairy Tale of a Shoe Shine Boy":


Jully 11th: The Copro Gallery's "Kubrick Exhibition" :



June 25th (UPDATE): The "Kubrilesque" burlesque group:


June 15th: Some interesting articles. Particularly those by Robert Castle and Erich Kuersten.


May 18th: "Kubrick - Who?", links below:


April 6th: "Quote page" updated (see bottom of page). "Spectacle and Violence" page added to the "Clockwork Orange" section. "Sade Against Freud" added to the "Contemporary Sexuality and Its Discontent's" page. "Art and Desire" added to the bottom of the first "Clockwork Orange" page.


April 28th: Below are links to some of Kubrick's early photographs (1945-50):


April 7th: "Kubrilesque", a burlesque tribute to Stanley Kubrick, featuring top burlesque and variety performers, looks set to go internation this year.


Some links:



March 24th: "The Unknown Kubrick" page updated with new pictures. "Imperfect Symmetries" page completely rewritten. Quote page updated. Spectatorship Theory page updated.


March 14th: New page added: "The Kubrick Aesthetic and Spectatorship Theory". "Historicism and Hauntology" added to "The Shining" section (scroll to bottom of page). "Grotesque Caricatures" page added too.


March 9th: "Scorsese on Kubrick" page added. "Was Eyes Wide Shut Completed?" page updated with new section. "Storyboards and Concept Art" section updated. "Quote Page" updated".


February 28th: On her death bed, "Full Metal Jacket's" sniper chants "dau quan", which is a command meaning "Go to the Army! Enlist!" and "chieu mo" which is a verb meaing "to recruit" or "to enlist". This is discussed more at the bottom of the "Deconstructing Masculinity" page. 






Thanks to Harry Bailey, Ted, Padraig Henry, Worov, David Kirkpatrick, Filippo Ulivieri, Wordsmith, Geoffrey Alexander, Ichorwhip, Gordon Dahlquist, Boaz and Mathew Hunt.


Special thanks to Evan Volm, who is responsible for over 80 percent of the screencaps on this website. A big thanks to Nicholas Morello for the fabulous Kubrick sketch on this home page. His website can be found in the useful weblink section.


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